Volunteer Responsibilities
Everyone enjoys fellowship in the Chapel Cafe,
Thank You for making it possible!

When it’s your Sunday for REFRESHMENTS, between the 2 families assigned, please plan to serve 60-80 people...

      SNACK:            Coffee Cake, Tea Cookies, Crackers & Cheese, Fruit, etc…
      JUICE:              1 gal. (Lemonade Mix may be found in FH Kitchen) 
      COFFEE:           1 lb.   (Regular or Decaf to re-stock supplies)
      CREAMER:        ½ gal. (Half & Half or Whole Milk)
      Coffee is generally brewed during Praise Band Rehearsal at 9:00 am
      Instructions are posted in the Chapel Café in the event that Coffee isn’t already brewed when you arrive.
2.  Plug in the hot water pot for tea
3.  Set up Refreshments on serving trays or plates
Early Birds:            Set up by 10:15 for early arrivals to grab a coffee/snack
      Everyone Else ;)     Set up by 11:15-11:30 for Coffee Fellowship after church
 4.   Set out creamers, juice, sweeteners, stirrers and cups (supplies on or under tables in chapel)
       If you can’t find something you need, check the Kitchen in Fellowship Hall.
 5.   Rinse coffee pots and clean up serving area after fellowship time.
      (Leftovers: Please take them home, give them away, or wrap/label with date, place in kitchen freezer.)

If you can’t make your Sunday, please call someone else on the list
and switch Sundays with them. 
Thank You!

Refreshment Rotation for the year is posted on the bulletin board in the Chapel Cafe.

Concerns, questions, or suggestions?  Would you like to be added to our Refreshment Rotation?
Call Elsje:  845-986-5250 or  email cottagedreamer56@yahoo.com